How to use

What is Sawerly?
Sawerly is a website to book photographers. Customers can request photographer/videographers in a reliable, easy and fast way. This platform is also a golden opportunity for photographers to gain more work in a reliable, easy, and fast way.

How to book a photographer/videographer?
In just four steps you can book a photographer for all occasions, events, conferences, or product/service photography.
  • Registration: Sign in Sawerly website or app free of cost
  • Send photo shoot request: Photographers will compete to win your request
  • Purchase: Choose the photographer that suits your needs and deposit the amount in an escrow account in Sawerly to get the confirmation of your booking.
  • Capturing and delivering: The photographer will come to the destination posted in the request and will deliver the photos and material as agreed upon. At delivery, the photographer will request the confirmation number to be able withdraw the money.

How much does it cost to use Sawerly?
There are no registration charges for customers or photographers.

How to pay to book a photographer?
After going through the bids that have been offered by various photographers, you will select the one that best suits your needs. Next you will deposit the full amount of the photoshoot in your account in Sawerly. This payment is put into an escrow account dedicated for the selected photo shoot. The payment does not go into the bank account of the photographer. After the delivery of the final printed photos or materials the money gets transferred to the photographer and Sawerly keeps its percentage of the commission.
We are currently working on increasing payment channels to make the procurement process easy and convenient for all our customers.

Photography packages
We offer integrated packages and prices that are coordinated with various photographers. This will help you make your decision in a quick manner.

What if you didn’t get enough bids to your request, or the current bids did not meet your needs?
We will repost your request so that more photographers can bid on your request and you can choose the photographer that best fits your requirements, and all of this for free.

What can you offer Sawerly?
Kindly evaluate the photographer in terms of attendance, time management, quality of the images/video and the date of delivery. Also let us know how was your experience with Sawerly`s portal.

Who are the photographers in Sawerly?
Sawerly has a broad range of talent registered in the website. Professionals, amateurs photographers and studios. Photographers who are able to satisfy customers' demands while managing time in an orderly fashion and delivering the requested photos.

Do I have the right to cancel photo shoot request?
Yes, you are entitled to refund your money without fees or extra costs.